Excuse Me, Your Greatness is Waiting

Greatness. We’re all born with it.
It’s a birthright, a gift of passage into this life.
Each person’s greatness as unique as a snowflake.
Yours is special and powerful.
It’s part of your soul’s expression and expansion.

If our greatness is so divinely ordained, Why do we run from it and hide,
Like a child peering around her mother’s skirt?
Afraid of being seen.  But more importantly, Afraid of not being seen.

We hide because it’s so big.
Like looking for the edge of the Universe, We can’t see the limits of our
The ego fears the power of it.
The human ego knows it can’t control the Divine power of greatness.
So it creates stories, excuses, diversions, endless chatter.
The ego’s final wild card against its fear of greatness:
“I’m not enough.”

Excuse me. Pull your attention away from the stories at any moment And
you’ll see your Greatness.                                                                                                                                               Still waiting patiently For you to step into
It will wait as long as you need.
For the nudge, the urge, the crisis, or the belief.
Whatever it takes for you to realize that it will haunt you Until you
decide to own it.

Choose to step into your Greatness and enter a new world.
Embrace it with the awe and wonder of a child.
You don’t figure it out with your mind.
You live it with your heart.
Allow yourself to be guided to greater mastery, Like polishing a diamond
into radiant brilliance.
And that is how you will serve the world In your unique and perfect way.

You ARE enough. You DO have greatness within you.
Excuse me, your Greatness is waiting.
What will you do?

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