Just Breathe!

What do women in childbirth, someone practicing yoga, and someone seeking to end their overwhelm
have in common? They use breath to facilitate the process.

If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, or even just feeling a lack of confidence, breath can help.
I know you’ve been breathing all of your life, but because of that, you may be taking breath for granted.
All breaths are not created equal. You can practice that distinction right now.

Notice how you’re feeling right now. What’s your level of tension, your energy level, and your mindset?
Make a mental note or jot it down.

Now, roll your shoulders forward a little bit and breathe fast and shallow for a few seconds. You’ll notice
your tension increasing. If you were measuring it, you would be able to see an increase in your blood pressure, and, if you continued this for a while, your stress hormone levels would start increasing. All this happens just by changing your breathing patterns.

Now, relax your shoulders, make sure they’re not hunched around your ears, and take some long, slow,
deep breaths. Let your belly fill up with the breath, then let all the air out fully. You might notice you
yawn, and you’ll notice a more relaxed feeling. You can even amplify that by exhaling with a little
“aaahhhhh” sound. This type of breathing sends a message to your nervous system that it can relax, and
you’ll even find yourself thinking more clearly as a result.

It takes only a few seconds to use the power of breath to facilitate the process of relieving your
overwhelm and stress.

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